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Three Outdated Trends you Should Ditch when Designing your Site

As people read plenty of website builder reviews to choose the best site building tool or sit down in front of a design program, they may end up forgetting the first rule of website design. If you are like website owners, you may want to play around pages and make more when you actually just need one page to get the job done.

When building a site, you must focus on keeping people on the page instead of impressing them with the number of design elements you can integrate. These days, the web design trend dictates you to stay minimalistic. This means creating an environment in which users can easily find what they are looking for without plenty of distraction. Here are design trends you should ditch when building a successful website:

Adding Auto-Play Media and Flash Introductions

Flash introductions were used to be really cool so many high-end companies embraced them. But, time has passed and they have lost their appeal. Ideally, users today no longer need an intro to your site. Your About Page should be enough to help visitors know what your company does. Also, auto-play media is very intimidating for most users, especially if they are not on their site for those videos.

Integrating Auto-Play Advertisements

Because advertisements usually come with sound, they tend to become more irritating than a site intro. In fact, people have found these ads a much-hated digital ad tactic. While they can be tempting as they provide a way for your site a way to bring in some money, they can annoy possible customers who will abandon your site immediately when they come across those ads.

Investing in Separate Web and Mobile Site Versions

Before, companies needed to invest in both desktop and mobile versions of their website to cater to a wider audience. However, the availability of responsive themes, there is no need to double the work. A responsive website design makes sure your site looks good on any device and screen size. This means that your users get the same experience no matter the size of the screen they use to view your content on.

If you don’t have much time putting on web design, you may want to hire a professional web design agency. However, the best website builders today come with many themes and templates that make both site development and design an easy and quick process. They will save you both money and time.

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